This Existence

Rosie and Adam

Rosie, age 62, sits in her hospital room in Los Angeles.

A portrait of Rosie in the hallway of the convalescent hospital.

Rosie motions to Adam that she does not want him to leave during his visit to the convalescent hospital where she was placed after the hospital.

Adam's hand on Rosie's leg.

Rosie in bed.

Adam signs "Against Medical Advice" paperwork to remove Rosie from the convalescent hospital.

Rosie sits in her wheelchair as Adam stands behind her in a motel room during a vacation.

Adam helps Rosie walk to his van.

Rosie examines her face before leaving the house.

Rosie cries because of anxiety about being judged us unattractive in public.

Rosie and Adam look at each other during dinner at a coffee shop.

Rosie approaches the van as Adam sits in it.

Rosie cries as Adam dabs her face with a tissue paper.

Rosie sits in her room before Adam goes to work; Adam drives a bus for a living.

Rosie looks up at Adam, as she sits in her bed.

Rosie and Adam look at each other while standing on the beach.

Rosie approaches Adam as she walks down the hallway of a motel in Palm Springs, CA.


Adam leans in to be intimate with Rosie, but she grimaces.

Rosie and Adam sit in her room.

Adam holds Rosie's hand at the hospital during the final hours of her life.

Adam caresses Rosie's head after her passing at the hospital.

Adam cries at Rosie's gravesite.

A shadow behind a privacy drape at the nursing home where Rosie resided for several months.